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Bought Audi TT, 2012, 12K miles on it, less than 1 year old.WasCPO, clean Carfax. Found was in accident.I requested AoA to insp.

Mi Wuk Village, CA |

Determined to have been in accident by Audi. Audi said they would fix all, but none of the accident information was released to me. Audi "suggesting" dealer to fix all that is wrong. There is a mismatch on hood to body panel fit-up, panels repainted to very low standard (paint is chipping), hood is tweaked and flared on driver side and possibly passenger side too, latch and catch not able to adjust down since all play had been taken up by repairs from accident, headlight removed/replaced?, bumpers removed from under hood (not any cushion when closing and driving. Just way too much for what I initially went looking for. Also grille was replaced. I got a current Carfax identical to one at purchase. Just my first maintenance shows up. My 4th Audi. Three TT's and one A3. Much more.

This appears to be a non-disclosure issue by Audi dealer, Carfax and CPO checklist.

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What is the question? It sounds like you may be able to rescind this contract for fraud. I would recommend discussing the specific facts with an attorney and have the documents reviewed to evaluate your options. Best of luck.

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Carfax is not always as reliable as advertised. I had a similar issue in buying a used car a few years ago. If you would like to, you may have grounds to break a purchase contract. Best of luck.


1- Assuming your facts are accurate, dealer knew this and never should have certified it. Dealer flat out lied to you;
2- Assuming your facts are accurate, Audi TOO is on the hook here since it is CPO and their name is all over it and they also warranty the vehicle;
3- Assuming your facts are accurate, the law in CA allows for you to get the deal undone, get all of your money back AND make them pay your attorney.
4- Depending on how bad the prior accident was, you may even get a little bit extra on top of them paying your lawyer.

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