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Bought a used 2013 motorhome upside down in it can't afford it, what are my options.

Yucaipa, CA |

went to rent a motorhome from el monte rv ended up buying one for more than it worth.

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You're in a tough pickle. You state you knowingly purchased something and you now realize that money is an issue related to the purchase. Unless they did something wrong in the sale (usually on the sales documents) or you got a warranty with the purchase and the vehicle has not lived up to the warranty, you will find it difficult to get out of the deal. Contact a Lemon Law / Auto Fraud attorney for a document review.


Ask the Dealer if he will take the Motor home back. If the purchase was recent and you gave a substantial down payment, he may do just that. If not eventually you will lose the motor home. If you are an elderly citizen, ask an attorney near you for help. Best of luck.

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