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Bought a car as is and the car broke down within a week. Do I have any options regarding the dealer?

Helena, AL |

Bought car 3 weeks ago. A week after I bought it, it overheated when I was driving back from school. I got the car towed to a local mechanic and he told me the problem might be the fan clutch. I ordered the part and he replaced it. The mechanic then called me and says he did a more detailed inspection and found numerous problems with the car, one of which he believes is a cracked head gasket. He noticed that the car has many O rings around its piping which told him that the car had something wrong with it before. He also found a strange red fluid that told him the car's head gasket had stop leak. I signed a bill of sale but not the title app because he said he didn't have one around. (He is a dealer) He forged my name on the app and mailed to me. The car had no buyers guide on window.

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As is sale is legal and final.