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Both my mother and my father refuse to let me use their information on my FASFA. Can get a court order forcing them to do so?

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I moved out of my house a year ago when I turned 18 and I now live with a relative. They have been paying for my classes at a Community college but due to emergencies can no longer afford pay. I am not married, do not have kids and I am not in the Armed Forces. My mother currently goes to school using a combination of her husbands GI bill and Financial Aid but still refuses to let me have any of her tax information, even to use it for a student loan.

I will never be able to afford $5,000 a year in tuition and to support myself on a minimum wage job.

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It is unlikely you can get a Court order forcing your parents to give you their info. The good news is that some financial aid packages can be offered dependent students without requiring the parents to file a FAFSA, provided that the financial aid administrator verifies that the parents have ended financial support and refuse to file the FAFSA. Go speak to your financial aid officer and ask for a Dependency Status Override. Good luck!

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