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Boss wants my personal phone number, I do not want to give it to him.

Leesburg, FL |

I live in Florida. My boss wants my personal phone number and I do not wish to give it out. He does have my home address in case he needs to send me anything or to get in touch with me. My immediate supervisor has my personal phone number but I do not want him to give it to the boss, and he is complying with my wishes. The boss is getting mad with both of us over this and now says that if I don't give him my number then I will not be allowed to work until I do. Can he do that? Do I HAVE to give him my personal number? I mean, what if I didn't have a phone in the first place. What are my rights in this situation?

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The issue likely boils down to whether you need your job more than your company needs you.

If you are an hourly employee, there may be an issue of whether your employer must pay you when calling you outside of business hours.

How often must the company call you? If the company often calls you about business, is the company willing to provide you with a company-paid cell phone and pay you to answer the phone?

Why does the boss want your phone number? If it is to make personal calls, he likely is treading on a sexual harassment claim.

You likely are an at-will employee. This means both you and the employer may stop working with each other at any time for any reason (except for a reason specifically prohibited by law).

Having your home address likely is not enough in some situations. For example, if you are the only one who has the password to some file or application that is needed right away, having a phone number to call you would likely be useful.

Does this boss have a supervisor? Have you talked with that supervisor?