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Borderline dispute; and adverse possession claim, what court do you seek to resolve this matter since 1997 in Palestine, TX?

Palestine, TX |

Neighbor refuses to comply with an Agreed Court Order to cease and desist of cultivating my property, and he refuses to cooperate with attorney's and court to settle the matter of ownership of 13.5 acres of same land; I got a surveyed twice (10,000.00), have initial deeds from record, my tax records when I started to pay the taxes after parents died from Anderson County, complied with his request for discovery, provided survey and deeds as requested by his attorney, when we asked for this same information he requested a jury trial, fees were paid, but no trial, and this guys continues to destroy my land, can I hand this myself without the attorneys, can't afford to continue to pay that kind of money and no results.
Can prove all 54 acres are my land. Can you Help?

I do not have attorney anymore (no results since 1997 and problem still exists), ask him to withdraw; however, could anyone explain how to proceed beyond first response to question, looking at best option and alternative to make prior to court, or services of attorney who can offer unbundled services I don't dare attempt this on my own.

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Unfortunately, this is probably not something you can do on your own. It sounds like this guy is a real piece of work. If you are still in an open proceeding (case still pending), then you might consider a restraining order; if the case is over, then perhaps an enforcement proceeding could be brought in the same court where the Agreed Order came from.


It sounds as if you already have an attorney. You should speak with him/her. Avvo is not the place to second guess attorney advice. If you do not like the advice or think it is costing too much, you should direclty contact other lawyers to see if they would take the case over.

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