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Boat mechanic is filing a lien against by boat - what are our legal rights?

Grand Rapids, MI |

Boat mechanic charged $550 to fix boat motor ... didn't complete the job and the motor was still not working. Contacted him over a dozen times (in person/text/email and phone) and he never completed the job. We disputed the charges with the credit card company and they credited our account. Mechanic is now threatening with mechanical lien on boat ... what do we do?

We have since taken the motor to another company and had it repaired.

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You made need to fight it. Generally, a mechanic's lien is a possessory lien enforced by the mechanic retaining possession of the vehicle until the work of the mechanic is paid. Since you have the boat, he would first have to sue you, get a judgment and then place a lien on the boat. If you are sued, then you may have to fight the matter. I hope this helps.

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I agree with my fellow attorney. He will have to sue you and when he does prepare to sue him with a counter claim. I would also through in a claim for him violating the Michigan Consumer Protection Act. This Act allows you to collect your attorney fees if you win that way you will be made whole in the end. I have used this Act successfully in the past.

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