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Bitten by neighbor's dog. Do they have home owner's insurance?

Vandalia, OH |

I was bitten by 2 dogs last year. I hired an attorney and they sent 3 certified letters to the dog owner asking about home owner's insurance. She just sent them back and eventually the lawyer dropped me saying there is nothing they can do. Is there anyway I can find out for myself if she has home owner's insurance before I hire another lawyer?

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Most mortgage companies won't allow you to buy a house without homeowner's coverage. Its a safe bet that there is indeed homeowner's coverage. You may have to serve the neighbor with a lawsuit, which would then prompt them to turn it over to the insurance company. I am not aware of a public method of identifying whether they have coverage. If they are refusing to disclose the coverage, then a lawsuit may be the only way to properly motivate them to do so.



Thank you very much!


Sounds like you found a lawyer scared to file a lawsuit. Find one who will.


I agree with counsel that you need to consult an attorney who is willing to fight for their money not just send a form letter and see if they can collect money for no work. Keep in mind though that being bitten doesn't mean you automatically get money. You have to prove damages. If you didn't go to the doctor/hospital you may be out of luck getting any money. You also have to ask yourself is it worth the amount you may actually get. Even if you win a lawsuit you may get a judgment that is uncollectible because the defendant does not have any resources.

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