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Birth Injury-neurological damage secondary to complete placental abruption with current diagnosis of high functioning autistic

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During my wife's 3rd trimester, she began having lower back pain. She was told by her obstetrician not to worry, it was simply muscle fatigue. At 38 ½ weeks, my wife had a complete placental abruption. Our son was born with an APGAR score of 1, heart rate of 60 BPM, and after resuscitation was on a ventilator. We were told by the neurologist that he likely sustained brain damage, but were never spoken to regarding the extent of the injuries or tests that were performed to check for anomalies. After four years of noticing behavioral deficiencies that could not be attributed to personality, he has been diagnosed as high functioning autistic. We feel that the obstetrician did not recognize the symptoms until it was almost too late. Would this be grounds for consultation with a lawyer?

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Based upon what you have said in your question, I would say that it would probably warrant a consultation and perhaps a review by a medical expert. I would want to know more detail, and would like to review a copy of the medical records. A placental abruption is a true emergency, and the length of time from the abruption to the delivery is almost certainly a factor that plays into the ultimate injury to your son. Autism may or may not be related to this insult, but I would want to have a qualified neurologist examine him to make sure of that diagnosis.

Also, I would want to know more about the symptoms that your wife informed her ob/gyn about in the 3rd trimester.

There are a lot of issues here that a medical malpractice lawyer who does birth injury litigation could likely help with.


The only rational answer to your question is to have the medical records reviewed by a competent medical malpractice attorney licensed to practice in Texas. This Lawyer should be well versed in brain injury's at birth.

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