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Best way to turn myself in on a bench warrant

Torrington, CT |

i have had a bench warrant for my arrest since october of 2010, it has become that it effects anything im trying to do with my life and would like to resolve the stems from two different times i was pulled over and cited for expired plates/ no insurance and no insurance/no registration. was wondering what is the best way to go about turning myself over to authorities?

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Depending on the charges, I would contact a lawyer before turning yourself in so you will know what to expect in terms of a bond and the procedures for booking. If you are comfortable doing so without contacting lawyer, then simply go to the police dept or state police barracks that issued issued the ticket(s) and tell them you are there to tun yourself in. Have a bondsmen ready if you don't want to spend the night (or weekend) in jail waiting to go to court for the arraignment. Sometimes you can call ahead of time and let them know what your plans are so they can be ready to process you.

If your re-arrest was ordered from the bench because you failed to appear to answer the charges, there could be an additional charge of failure to appear which would certainly warrant a bond, so I would have one waiting.

Best of luck

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Another question is what is the best time to turn myself in? lilke day and time? will they issue the bond right at the jail or do i have to wait for my arraignment in court to know that. I have a friend willing to pay my bond straight up without the use of a bail bondsman, is this possible?

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