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Besides both parties signing cancellation paperwork, is there any way to get out of a child support court order?

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im asking bc we have 3 kids together.. our oldest is the one hesitance ordered to pay child support for, but he has fallen way behind because we've been on and off forever now, and he eventually just stopped paying alltogether because he didnt think id do anything about it because we were trying to work things out for so long.. hesitance lazy and just not a very involved father, so things are absolutely done now. despite his efforts to try to get me to sign the paperwork cancelling the support order, i never did.. and the reason is i wasnt ever really for sure if things were gonna work with us, and i didnt want all that money i'd spent on attorney fees to be for nothing.

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If there is a final order signed, there are only a few ways to undo it. It can be modified if the court finds it is in the child's best interest but the father would have to file a new lawsuit and show grounds to change it. If the order is less than 30 days old, the father can file a motion for new trial but he has to show the result did not follow the law or some other reason. Every child support payment not made is a judgment by operation of law so they cannot be waived. Good luck.

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