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Bench warrant issued for not attending MADD by due date jan 2013. Ive scheduled a madd class for Jan 2014. What should i do?

Buena Park, CA |

Clerks office told me to come by in the morning and they will put me on court. I'm afraid they may arrest me. Im terrified. I also need an extension for the HAM Program and Community Service. What should i do?

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Honestly, your best bet is to go into the Court and to speak with the judge. Ask the judge for an extension and he usually will grant you one (assuming, this is your first extension). If you are really scared to go in to Court, then you can hire an attorney to go in and make this court appearance for you and request an extension.

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You could hire a lawyer to go in and make the appearance for you if you don't want to risk getting arrested. It shouldn't cost you more than a few hundred dollars to do so. Alternatively, you can ask the judge yourself.


Certainly, being arrested is a possibility, but probably not likely. Predictably, the judge will grant your requested extension. If you want 100% assurance against getting arrested, have an attorney go in and request the extension.



If I get arrested, how long do you assume I will be held?


Retaining an attorney to appear on your behalf may be more economical than paying for the bench warrant. In addition, having an attorney appear on your behalf is advantageous because there's no one to slap cuffs on and remand into custody. You don't necessarily need to go in before you have an attorney. My recommendation is to contact a few attorneys for a free consultation. I wish you the best and hope that everything goes your way.

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