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Bench warrant in one state, arrested in another

Hazleton, PA |

Someone is on probabtion in Louisiana and got issued a bench warrant for faliure to appear. A few months later the same person got stopped in Arkansas for a DUI (where they reside.)This person is waiting on his hearing for the DUI. My qustion is will the incident in Louisiana show up or not since its two different states. Thanks

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Attorney answers 2


You really need an attorney in Arkansas to give you a firm answer but generally all states have access to FBI records which is a central repository of most criminal record information in the country. So a safe bet would be yes Arkansas would have access to the Louisiana conviction. But again consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Arkansas.


At some point his record in LA will show up in AR. At some point his bench warrant from LA will show up in AR. As the lawyer above said, their all connected. If he is out on bail he's lucky. That means the LA BW didn't show up yet.

Edward J. Blum