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Being wrongfully evicted due to landlord retaliation (when I was current in rent) and clerk misconduct, as a friend of landlord.

Circleville, OH |

My landlord refused to fix leaks properly, resulting in toxic mold and my advanced-stage symptoms of exposure. After testing verified mycotoxins (neurotoxins which caused major neurological issues, etc.), I called the landlord to work on getting it fixed properly. He had no intention of doing so, and gave me eviction notice. But I was current in rent.

Having never been evicted, I called the Clerk to ask about procedures. She said that after being served it was too late to escrow rent (thru hearing date) & told me 3 more lies. At hearing, she took the inspection report I paid for from the judge & said she wanted to copy it for "Dave" (plaintiff). They were friends.

Judge penalized me for not escrowing rent for time after served, tho I had $; but Dave started it all falsifying legal docs.

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If you feel the legal system, or people in it, are not treating you fairly, you should talk to a local lawyer who knows landlord tenant law and get help right away. The process for defending an eviction, when there are problems with the property, is not an easy one for an ordinary person to understand or handle without help. The Nolo book on landlord tenant rights may help at your nearest bookstore but, frankly, if you want it done right and you need it done now, you really should talk to an attorney who handles cases like this. You may be able to get enough advice in one visit to handle the case yourself after that. Not knowing what to do or how the process really works, though, could cost you your legal rights. Call your local city attorney bar association and ask for a referral to a local landlord tenant law attorney right away. If this answer was helpful, please give it a "Vote Up" below. Ron Burdge,

This answer is for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Click the link to find a Consumer Law attorney near you.

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