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Being sued for hitting someone in the face causing him a black eye.

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Sky's the limit, depending on the facts. The law prohibits the complaint for personal injuries to state the dollar amount sought in the prayer for damages. However, if the plaintiff can prove that you intentionally hit him, then the plaintiff will likely be able to recover punitive damages against you. Was you conduct in reckless disregard for the safety of others? Punitive damages are designed for punishment and deterence, and are awarded based upon your financial condition and net worth. Ultimately, the amount of compensatory and special damages will depend on the extent of injuries and the amount of the plaintiff's medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.


I agree with the previous answer. No one is going to be able to give a specific answer to a question like that. You're just going to get "it depends."

In this case, it depends mostly on the medical bills and lost wages of the other party. If it's just a black eye, it's unlikely that the claim will be in any way substantial. But we're really just left to guess based on the lack of facts.

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Jason Beahm
Beahm Law
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They can sue you for economic damages (bills, medical statements, etc) and non-economic damages (pain and suffering, subjective number), and possibly "punitive damages" - which are damages designed to "punish" the wrong-doer. The second two numbers (non-economic damages and punitive damages) are the wild cards. Usually they are a function of the actual damage done. If it's a mild black eye, the second two numbers are usually related to the economic damages. Therefore, the severity of the injury can play an important role. You may choose to settle out of court.


I agree with the other providers. It depends on the nature and extent of the injuries, how much his medical bills are, how visibile the scar is, the cost for scar revision, his pain and suffering, etc.

Adam Sorrells
Chico Injury Lawyer

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