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Being sued by Citibank N.A. for outstanding credit card debt in Bergen County (Law Division), NJ.

Hackensack, NJ |

The debt is for little over $20,000. The plaintiff is the original creditor (i.e. Citibank). I have been under economic hardship due to loss of substantial portion of my income due to closure of the company that I used to consult for, which accounted for most of my income. I have been through the law suit process before and have worked out settlement agreements on my own with other creditors, but the entire process is becoming overwhelming and time consuming, so I am seeking an attorney who could assist me on this case. I have not yet replied to the summons (Law Division/Bergen County). I would like to ideally settle and/or workout a payment plan. An ideal attorney is someone who has previously defended against Citibank and/or Slater, Tenaglia, Fritz & Hunt (plaintiff's attorney).

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While you may be able to find a consumer attorney to defend this lawsuit, have you considered just getting a fresh start through a bankruptcy filing? That way you could get a global resolution of all your outstanding debts as opposed to a piecemeal approach.

I am not your attorney unless you and I have signed a retainer agreement. What I am saying is not legal advice. Do not act on this information without engaging my services, this is for consideration only.


This is work that I do. I limit my practice to defend collection cases and bringing claims against debt collectors who violate federal debt collection laws. I have experience with both Citibank suits and the Slater Tenaglia firm.


You should use Avvo's search tool to find an attorney.


Avvo's terms of use prohibit us attorneys from soliciting clients through the forum. Try Avvo's find-a-lawyer tab to find a skilled litigator. I suggest you do so as soon as possible so the attorney will have the opportunity to file a timely answer with appropriate defenses and counterclaims, which will gain enough traction to effect a fair and reasonable settlement. Bankruptcy may be another option, in order to give yourself a fresh start economically. Be sure that you hire an attorney who is experienced in both creditor/debtor litigation and bankruptcy.


You will need an attorney with experience in collections. Do not fail to answer the complaint. A judgment
will put you in a far weaker position to negotiate.

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