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Being pulled over for exceeding the speed limit

Harrisburg, PA |

If an officer says you appeared to be coming at him at a high rate of speed, is that reason enough to be pulled over?

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The simple answer is yes. In Pa., a police officer only needs "reasonable suspicion" to stop a vehicle. This is a rather low threshold.


Unfortunately yes, but I would talk with an attorney ASAP who may be able to reduce your penalties, including points and fines. Make sure you enter a plea of NOT GUILTY this way the court will schedule you for a hearing.


I must first disclose that I am not a Pennsylvania attorney but generally, a police officer is considered an expert in traffic laws and judges are apt to give them reasonable discretion at making such judgments. So, in my opinion, there is sufficient reason for an officer to pull you over based upon his assessment of your high rate of speed. At the same time however, you may wish to get a competent attorney experienced in such matters to represent you in court, as such matters may be costly in terms of fines and points, which may lead to insurance premium increases, and sometimes denial of coverage.

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