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Being harassed via Facebook by multiple people. What can I have done about it?

Hazelwood, MO |

I have my Facebook set to the strictest communication filtering possible and I have been receiving threatening messages by multiple people. I've gotten 3 so far over 2-3 months. I know NONE of them personally and have only heard of them through someone I used to be friends with. They are all her friends and one even admitted to her being the one saying these things about me/sending these people after me. I'm being told not to go to certain events anymore or I'll regret it and other things along those lines. Her and I stopped communicating in June. I don't know why she's continuing this. I have my Facebook on lockdown privacy wise. Blocked every single one of them. Have all of their names. What can I do about this? It feels like I'm being stalked almost and its getting out of hand.

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You need to report these communications to facebook. It also sounds like this should be reported to the police. These threats are intimidating you to not live your life.

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I reported the first one to Facebook. The second one tried to get personal information out of me and I just blocked him. The third one just came yesterday and I haven't reported it yet. I've been worried about taking it to the police because I feel like they won't take it seriously since its an internet deal. I will try that, though. Thank you very much!


Keep reporting every single incident to Facebook. Call the non-emergency number of your police department and report this, if they want, they can investigate and take action, and hire a local lawyer to send a cease and desist letter to every one of these individuals. That will probably get their attention.

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Facebook has policies to deal with this. Report them. You have to understand that Facebook probably gets several of these each day, so give it a bit of time for them to catch up with it.

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