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Being falsely accused of sexual assault, can I sue for defamation on a contingency basis?

Durham, NC |

A fellow student falsely accused me of sexual assault to the university judicial office. The accuser can't offer any proof, evidence and details of this accusation.

I have to pay lawyers to defend this accusation. Since this is outrageously baseless and malicious, can I sue for damages and punitive damages?

More importantly, can I find a lawyer who is willing to represent on a contingency fee basis?

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You should concentrate on defending the claim first. A good lawyer in your city who does both criminal and civil should be able to handle all your needs.

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Thanks, but this matter is not a criminal matter yet. Since this is a university judiciary process and the school prohibits legal counsel from participating, what should I do? Assume the matter is resolved favorably to me at the university, can I sue then?



How do you know that the matter will be resolved " favorably " to you atbthe University? Do you know anyone that works in there? Perhaps on the security ?


You always have the right to sue. However, absent a compelling case and a "deep pockets" defendant I would not expect someone to accept this case on a contingent basis.


You will need to talk to attorneys in your area and see if they would be willing to take the case on a contingency basis. Typically, insurance does not cover this sort of thing so you may find out that the target defendant is judgment proof (i.e. a judgment is worth nothing against her). If so, there is no point in spending time and money to get a judgment against someone who will never pay. Get an attorney to defend you and see what happens from there. Once the case is over, then assess whether you have a case to pursue as well as who will help you do it. Be aware, however, of the statute of limitations for the defamation claim and be sure to address that with your attorney.

Good luck and be's a jungle out there.

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