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Being charged with forgery in the state of GA what is the possible sentence if found guilty?

Augusta, GA |

Clean record, accused of changing amount of check, less than 300.00, what are my chances of being found not guilty?

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The second part of your question cannot be competently answered without a systemic review of the facts in your case. Typically, people have a greater chance of being found not guilty than they may realize, IF , and it is a big if, they get a skilled attorney involved early in the process and they cooperate with the attorney.

Sounds like second degree forgery Second Degree occurs when you intend to defraud another by making, altering, or possessing any writing: in a fictitious name or

in a way that the writing purports to have been made:
a) by another
b) at another time
c) with different provisions; or

It is a felony and carries a 1-5 year sentence.

Please consult a skilled lawyer felony charges are not to be taken lightly.

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