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Before the debt collector can attach any liens or wage / tax return garnishments, do they have to have my name on the judgment?

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I have a default judgment against me. But it has my maiden name, not my married name, on it. How does collecting work?

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Doesn't matter. Collecting the debt will work the same. The collector may encounter some obstacles if the target of the garnishment (employer, bank, etc) cannot match up the accounts, but often times, the creditor uses your SSN, not just your name.


I agree fully with my colleague. The debt is linked to you through your social security number typically, not through your name. Otherwise, the everyday consumer would be changing their names constantly to avoid debts.

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Second Mr. Hanrahan. Often times the answer to legal questions can be answered by the most obvious question. Here, can we avoid all debts by changing our names? Obviously, no.


The difference in name will not stop collection activities though it may make collecting alittle bit harder.

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