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Before i had back surgery i could walk now i cant surgeon tells me she has no idea why

Hebron, IL |

i had a fusion 20 yrs ago L4 L5 i started to have back pain tried pain management shots didnt work surgeon wanted to remove old hardware put in new hardware on L2 L3 surgery was to take two hours ended up taking 7 1/2 hours. old hardware was not removed new was installed. now i have drop foot no feeling on my left leg cant walk without assistance. dr says the area that causes those symptoms was never touched. she cant answer why they were in there for 7 1/2 hours

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If you believe your doctor committed malpractice, you should bring your medical records to a malpractice attorney for review. Keep in mind, however, that you are still in the early stages of recovery and you will also need a certification from another doctor that your surgeon failed to perform up to the standards of case expected for such treatment. A personal consultation will be more beneficial to you than this simple Q&A forum.


An old back surgery redone is often a difficult proposition.

While its impossible to know of malpractice occurred, the only way to see if you have a case is to have all your records reviewed by a malpractice lawyer

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In order to get to the bottom of this your attorney will need to to get the medical records and especially the spinal cord monitoring records. We do a lot of spinal cord injury cases here nationwide and may be able to help. But, a lot more information is needed. Feel free to call if we can help answer the questions you have. 888-333-9709

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Have a local malpractice lawyer order your medical records to review.

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