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Before I get my work permit it is legal or illegal to send resume for job search?

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I applied I-485 and I-765 two months ago and we (My wife and I) have interview 3 weeks later. Currently my status is F1 Student. I married to US citizen in USA

My Question:
Before I get my work permit it is legal or illegal to send resume for job search? I have no intention to start work before I get work permit.

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Wait a little more an you will get you permit.


legal. Work - illegal.


You can apply for jobs. However most employers will hire only if you are authorized to work and have relevant document towards I-9 verification.

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You can send resumes all you want. it is not a problem. You will not be able to accept employment until you get your EAD.

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There is no legal constraint on applying for a position before you authorized to work. However, just make sure you do not represent that you are a lawfully admitted permanent resident or citizen of the United States. Some online applications may not let you apply unless you confirm you are eligible to work on the date of the application. You will have to pass on these employers for now.

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If your I-485 and I-765 have been pending for more than 90 days, you can actually request a temporary passport stamp showing your employment authorization; that will hold you over until the card arrives. You may need an attorney to help you with that as most immigration officers do not like to issue those stamps, but you are eligible for that once your applications have been pending long enough. You will likely have your work permit by then if you submitted all necessary documents with your initial application, but if you do not, you might want to pursue that option if you are anxious to get to work. There is nothing in the law that prevents you from applying for jobs before you have work authorization but if you are hired, you will be asked to present proof of employment authorization shortly after your interview.

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