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Been renting a house for over 3 Just found out its in forclosure.what can I do.Was never notified about the forclosur

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Im worried because the house is due to be auctioned off in a week.just found out the other day about the forclosure.I had no idea that the people we are renting from had not been paying there mortgage. I am disabled and draw disability and do not have enough time to find another home befor the auction date.Was wondering what legal rights I have and how much time do I have to move out due to the fact that I was never notified.Also do I need to contact the people Im renting froms mortgage company to let them know we are renters at the home that is in forclosure

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You should write a letter letting the mortgage company know that you are the tenant in residence. Take a copy and file it with the Clerk of the Courts for the foreclosure action.

Do you have a written Lease agreement?
The federal act passed in 2009 may give you some protection. the new owner will have to give you 30 days notice before filing an eviction action if they plan to live in the premises. the new owner will have to give you 90 days notice if they don't plan to live there.

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