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Been in litigation since August 2012. Close to default judgement. Discover landlord is renting space with our equipment inside.

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We have been in litigation since last year.Landlord locked us out illegally. Have filed cross complaint against landlord and close to gaining default judgement. Recently discover he is seeking to rent the space with our equipment still in it. Any theft involved since we have yet been allowed to vacate.

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No, not theft. But you can use that as an argument for extra damages or for mitigating any damages you might end up owing.


Well if he locked you out illegally and now is trying to rent the scape with your equipment, this is additional basis for damages on your part. You should write him a cease and desist letter, better yet, hire a lawyer and have them do it!

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get a lawyer ASAP.



Thanks Mr. Sullivan. We have a lawyer. Not much we can do or lack of.

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