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Beaten, tortured with a broom handle, sodomized by it then beaten again by D.I.(Marines) sexually assaulted/70%,Honorable disc.

Zephyrhills, FL |

Shot a few points off of expert with the M-14, got sharpshooter medal, so they did that to discipline me? Witnessed a lot more when put on medical hold due to my injuries....Honorable Discharge with three years left on my enlistment...fought the V.A. for years, and Just received a 70% Disability rating by their V.A. Doctors...Put a claim in with the D.A. V. back in 1969...V.A. Ignored me as they were doing with most of us back then...30+ years of surpressed trauma surfaced and nearly killed me? Received a certificate from the D.A.V. Commander and Adjudant from 1969...put in another claim in 2002 when the homeless coalition took me to the D.A.V. for help, since I had lost everything and everyone who ever meant anything too me. Unreal how they try to put EPTE Conditions on you!

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Is there a question here?

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What is your question?

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Sounds terrible. However, we don't know what you are trying to accomplish

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Doesn't sound like my time in the Marines


I have to agree with Mr. Laasen. I went through Parris Island for Boot Camp and Camp Lejeune for Advanced Infantry Training in 1970. Never heard of anyone being punished for making Sharpshooter on the rifle range.

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Perhaps try getting counseling through the VA. I always feel appreciative and thankful for all who serve this country but I am unable to assist you on the information you provided.

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