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Basis valuation for gifted real estate

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If A gifts a house to B(father to son) how is the new(B's) basis calculated. Is it the FMV minus A's adjusted basis? I've been told that a $1.00 consideration for the transfer will make B's basis $1.00! Must the gift be recorded as a $1.00 consideration(as I've been told) or is there a way to record it strictly as a gift so the FMV can be used.Please help.Thanks

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I think you may have the similar question which I just answered. This one is simple. Basis has nothing to do with what is on the deed when a gift in involved. The new base is the same as your adjusted basis, ie: Your purchase price + capital improvements - accumulated depreciation.

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Under Section 1015 of the Internal Revenue Code, the basis of an asset received by gift is the donor's basis in the asset or the basis in the hands of the last preceding owner from whom the asset was not acquired by gift. Basis is increased (but not above the fair market value of the gift) by any gift tax actually paid.

However, for purposes of computing loss in the donee's hands, the basis is the lesser of the donor's basis or the fair market value at the time of the gift.

i hope that this makes sense to you.

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