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Basically the court of Illinois served me a subpoena over the phone and the detective told

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me that he would drop off the paperwork in the mail. The court date is in 6 days and this is the first time I've heard about it. They need me to testify as a witness for a hit and run. The accident was almost a year ago and I've already fixed the damages that were caused. This a huge inconvenience for me. Why didn't i get a notice sooner? What happens if I don't show up?

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In most if not all jurisdictions you have to be personally served with a subpoena for it to be effective. However if you receive a subpoena signed by a judge and you don't appear, you could be held in contempt and arrested. Many times DAs get behind and don't look at the next trial until a few days before the trial. To be safe, if you receive a subpoena, you should appear. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Personal service of process is required in criminal cases. Even in a civil case a subpoena is required to be served upon a resident in your household who is thirteen or older. You have not been properly served to require your appearance in court.


The way you described the scenario it appears that the subpoena was not properly served on you as required in a criminal case. As explained before, the subpoena requires a personal service and absent that it would be hard to show that you intentionally effected contempt of court by not showing up without personal service.


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