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Bankruptcy dismissal : How do I get that off my credit reprt, do I call them (3) or is more complicated than that ?

Gilbert, AZ |

Filed and was unable to reach agreement, wanted me to pay 100% to cred, didnt make much sense to do that.....

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If you filed a bankruptcy & it was dismissed, or you withdrew it, or whatever, it goes on your credit & it stays there for 10 years. Sorry you didn't know that before you took the plunge. Hope this perspective helps!


You can't. The credit reporting agencies are correctly reporting the truth - you filed a bankruptcy, and it was dismissed. That stays on your report for up to 10 years, and you can't have it removed. The fact that you changed your mind and didn't want to pay the creditors is irrelevant.

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What is reported will stay. That will have an impact on your credit but so will the delinquent accounts. Plus, your debt to income is a question when making lending decisions. You should work to bring now your debts if you have not already by making arrangements or settlement offers with the creditors.


The short answer is that you can't get the bankruptcy dismissal off of your credit report. It will stay on your credit report for 10 years (regardless if you withdrew from the bankruptcy, had it dismissed, or didn't complete it) the fact is that you filed for bankruptcy and it will stay on your record and effect your credit score for the next 10 years.

Sorry that you did not know this fact before you took the step of filing bankruptcy. It is unfortunate that you weren't able to benefit from the bankruptcy filing.

I hope that this answer was helpful.

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