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Bankruptcy Court. Local Rule. The Federal Bankruptcy Code is the basis for court rules. Often courts have local rules....

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Can a layman suggest a local rule if it is to benfit the public good? What office or offices shall I start with? Is there a formal process already set up?

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Go to the website for the particular bankruptcy court and see if they have a local rules committee (typically headed by at least 1 judge) and/or an attorney liaison panel that submits proposals to the court's judges. A number of bankruptcy courts have these in place, permanently or during certain times of the year.

I highly suggest that you compare your proposed local rule with the national rules (and those pending before the national bankruptcy rules, because a local rule cannot duplicate a national rule nor attempt to limit a right granted under the national rules.

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I guess you can write a letter to the Chief Judge in the particular District.

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Gary D. Bollinger

Gary D. Bollinger


In Eastern District of MO, where I practice, the Rules Committee guy could be found by inquiry to the Clerk of the Court... I suggest starting with a phone call to the clerk's office,.


I have no experience with bankruptcy law, but your question obviously needs to be directed to attorneys who specialize in that area of practice. I am accordingly going to edit the practice area of your question to Bankruptcy/Debt. I do so as the particular type of bankruptcy to which you suggestion pertains is not revealed in your question. Feel free to repost to a more specific audience.


In California, we know people who talk directly with judges that can send along suggestions. Some judges ask for suggestions and give their email address.

We are also in the process of making official forms that allow for suggestions to be submitted.

And everyone knows the law clerk / judge that is head of the committee for the rules. Also, for example, 2 months ago the local rules changed, so in early February the primary drafter and corresponding head of the committee that approved the changes are giving a talk on the subject (and my boss is the moderator). So those are all opportunities to make suggestions.

Contact an established attorney in the appropriate field.

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