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Bankruptcy chap 11, def filed chap 11 2 wk ago, I filed a lien 9 month ago- am I a secured cridtor? how can I get a relief ?

New York, NY |

amount 27K

we re in auto stay. we need to appear on civil ct next week

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You should hire an attorney, there are some complex state and federal laws involved. Even the difference of a few days makes a huge difference here.

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If you want any chance of getting paid, you need to hire counsel. Chapter 11s are very procedural and your key to getting a leg up in this case is being determined as a secured creditor. You may be able to recover attorneys' fees in the bankruptcy process to recover your claim. Hire a local attorney in New York who works on Chapter 11s frequently.


You will be secured if you have a valid lien and are properly perfected. You may be able to get relief from stay depending on the facts.


I suggest to hire local counsel who is experienced in handling chapter 11 bankruptcies. Your question is loaded with potential complexities plus add the fact it involves a chapter 11 filing, you will better served by retaining counsel.