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Bankruptcy and divorce lawyers - No money, how do I file?

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I need to file for a divorce but don't have the money to pay for a lawyer, my husband is laid off so neither does he. Do divorce lawyers accept payment plans? How does one file without any money? In addition, the reason I am out on money is that my hours were cut at work (and husband is unemployed). I dont even make enough money to live anywhere, my home is in pre-foreclosure and I am trying to do a short sale on it. Currently I am not paying mortgage, my income wont even come close to covering the cost of my mortgage so I am not paying it. I need legal representation, pro se wont work as I am not familiar with any of these issues. Bankruptcy will help me free up my debt so I can start over and be able to provide for myself and my children. Please help.

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You need to ask local counsel for their payment arrangements although you can check with the clerk's office in your county to see if there is a "pro se" litigant's kit.

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The clerk of court does have bankruptcy and divorce packets. Check the website for "clerk of court - your county". The packets are available in paper form at the clerk's office for a nominal charge, and the website contains some useful information. Even pro se litigants must always to pay the filing fee.

Many attorneys will accept payment plans. In addition to your bankruptcy and divorce, you should have an attorney to assist you with your short sale and/or loan mod. All of these issues will have an impact on each other, and you should have a lawyer to develop a compresensive strategy before proceeding.

You can look at the Florida Bar website to find a list of free legal aid clinic in your area. However, to the best of my knowledge, these clinics merely help you to help yourself, and the lawyers who volunteer there, in most circumstances, do not take your case.


With regards to the dissolution of marriage there are attorneys that will accept payment plans. If you would like to discuss that option further, please feel free to give me a call. However, you can also file pro se and avoid paying the filing fees by having the clerk determine that you are indigent. Although you can purchase the forms from the clerk's office for a fee, you can also get all of the forms online. The link to these forms is below. All the forms also contain instructions to explain how to fill them out and what other steps need to be taken.

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