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Bank of America & Fannie Mae agreed to rescind foreclosure due to mistake by BOA. As the Borrower, do I have to sign anything?

Houston, TX |

BOA foreclosed 32 days after my approval for loan modification trial payment plan (MHA) (in writing). BOA restricted my account and wouldn't accept any payment on day 5 after the approval, forward. BOA IMMEDIATELY agreed it was a mistake and BOA/Fannie Mae (buyer at sale) agreed to rescind the sale. Their counsel wanted me to sign a Reconveyance Special Warranty Deed which had language I disagreed with. Am I required to be a signatory on that transaction? The foreclosure was a "mistake" in BoA's words, (Fraud!) in my opinion, but I cannot get them to admit that now.

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What language do you dispute and what do you want? If you want some money, that's workable. If you want a free house, that's unrealistic

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