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Bank account garnished because HOA fees past due on a foreclosured home

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i had a townhome foreclosured but the Home owner association still charging me with fees. The house was rented and abandoned the renter left me with a debt over $7000 dollars. The bank already foreclosed the home over a year ago. HOA needs a letter to explain the situation. Do i need a special format, why I'm still liable for the debt.

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If you are on the Deed you owe the debt.

When you find out that a judgment has been entered against you, normally by discovering that your wages are being garnished or the bank account has been frozen, you still have a couple of options.

In most States the Courts allow you to reopen and challenge a “default judgment”. Most States will allow a year to accomplish this. If you did not get the paperwork for the lawsuit, or you got the paperwork but never did anything, then the judgment was “entered” due to your default to file an Answer.

You have to bring a motion in the Court where the judgment is filed. That motion normally has to include a defense to the charges and a copy of your proposed Answer.

You should definitely get a local lawyer to help you with this, or seek the assistance of a Bankruptcy attorney to get rid of the liability. If you can’t afford a lawyer and you are being sued check out my website for a free form Answer.

Good Luck!

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In order to garnish your wages, your HOA would have had to obtain a court judgment. Once someone gets a court judgment, it is usually too late to make the argument that you don't owe the money.

However, if you didn't receive the notice of the lawsuit as required by the law, you can challenge the judgment & ask that it be set aside. Go to the courthouse & ask to take a look at the file. The contents should explain what happened. Once you understand what happened, you can decide whether you wish to ask the court to have the judgment set aside.

Good luck!


You are responsible for any dues owed prior to the foreclosure, unless the HOA was paid from the foreclosure. In this case, it appears that they were not and that the HOA already has a judgment. The HOA could not garnish you unless it got a judgment.

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