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Bad faith insurance claim denial - Renters insurance. File suit against Geico or the underwriter Assurant?

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We purchased our renters insurance through geico website. The policy has the Underwriter listed as American Bankers Insurance of Florida / Assurant. American bankers denied the claim and im going to file suit for bad faith. ( too long a story to list on here ) but im wanting to find out who is responsible, who do I now go after? Geico or American Bankers of Florida / Assurant? in Short, The adjuster with American Bankers stated when we applied, we failed to list a previous claim in another state some years ago, which I told her I have a copy of the Geico online application that clearly shows we DID list that information, she stated, "not with American Bankers you didnt". Yet she refuses to send me a copy of their application showing we didnt list that information.

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If you do sue, you sue both companies. If the policy was sold on Geico's website, then American Bankers is either a subsidiary of Geico or it contracts with Geico to sell products on Geico's site, using Geico's reputation. I can see the advantage of the relationship with all the advertising that Geico does. Trial lawyer's rule of thumb: sue all possible parties and let the defendants sort it out.
I hope you are not intending to do this yourself . An insurance bad faith case is not a case to be tackled, pro se.

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Luckily, I was refered to one of SC top 100 attorneys. He is handling this for me.Both Geico and American Bankers Insurance are pointing the fingers and neither can provide a copy of the online application I submitted through Geico. Plus they keep sending me conflicting information. American sent me a copy of their application which again, is information Geico gave them. They informed me both applications mirror the same information. Untrue - American Applications asks, as an example: Have you filed any claims in past 3 years, Geico asks about the past 7 years. Again, thats ONE example of MANY cinflicting questions, yet again, no one can provide a copy of the Geico Application. My attorney jumped on this one and is also having a hard time getting them to produce that information.

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