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Bad cops, detectives and false warrants what to do?

Indianapolis, IN |

During a Crime Spree investigation, Detectives gave false information to achieve arrest warrants for my arrest. I have 2 hired criminal defense attorneys, but neither of them really seem to care much about this. They have filed over 10 charges in different counties all using the same false information. They claim I admitted to picking myself out of photos. This never happened. Where do I report to this to? Should I file a report to the FBI? I've never been convicted of a crime. Nor have I ever been arrested committing one. These are simply allegations that are highly false as they should have the supporting evidence of me admitting that I picked myself out of a photo,. Any advice as steps to take? As they file a charge almost every week since October the latest one being 01-04-12.

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You have to have trust in your attorney that he is advocating the case in your best interest. As for complaints, you may file complaints to the separate law enforcement agencies involved in your cases. If you feel that you are being unfairly targeted, let it be known. However, I would advice that you talk this over with your attorney prior to doing so. Good luck



Thanks for your advice.

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