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Background Check For Purchase Of A Firearm

Houston, TX |

When i was the age of 15 (3 years ago) i had got charged with Minor Usage Of Alcohol. (I am 18 at the moment). The charge got dismissed.

In the state of Texas you can be 18+ to purchase a Shotgun or Rifle. I am going to purchase a firearm and i know they do background checks. Is the Dismissed ticket i got when i was 15 still going to be on my record when they do the background check?

Thank you very much for your reply.

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The record of your arrest may still be on your record. It does not matter in your situation. Only convicted felons are barred from purchasing firearms. A CHL can be denied for recent Class A and B misdemeanors, but this is not relevant to you. You should have no problem buying a rifle or shotgun.

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