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Back child support Muncie Indiana. Children are emancipated, ages 42 & 32. EX OK to Terminate. Owe State $6000. Unemployed 14 mo

Muncie, IN |

My EX is happy to terminate and my 2 children don't want any money (I gave her vehicles and paid cash and checks 30 yrs ago, not documented by CSS.) I live in California and CSS has suspended my Driver's License and won't allow Passport Renewal until I pay them off in full $6,000. I am unemployed and can't return to my home out of the country where I can eek out a living at age 61.5 yrs. Would it be possible to make a deal with CSS to pay them, say $1,500 or so in full so I may renew my passport? I was hurt on my job 3 years ago, received a small settlement of $2,700 and cannot gain employment in my field of expertise here in the US, nor am I capable of manual labor. I have tried. My girlfriend has gone into debt supporting me here because she lives outside of the country. Thank You

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It is highly unlikely the Court will compromise its claim. However, you may be able to enter into an agreement to pay the $1,500.00 to have your passport reinstated assuming you maintain other payment terms. If you then fail to make the subsequent payments the support enforcement bureau could again suspend your passport. It may be easier to clean up the arrearage funds owed to your ex, but the state will almost certainly demand payment in full of the funds owed to it.

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