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Baby name laws in Washington state

Port Angeles, WA |

My boyfriend and I have a baby due in may, a friend of my dad said that she has had problems with the baby haveing the fathers last name when you are not marryed. sence my boyfriend and I arent marryed and have no plans of it as of right now i'm planing on giving our child his last name I want to know what the restrictions and laws that will affect me as his mother with a diffrent last name, also are there any loop holes in these laws like Highphening our names??

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You are free to name your baby as you see fit. You will have all the legal rights any mother has regardless of the name of the child. You can hyphenate your name and your boyfriends name. There really are no restrictions when it comes to naming your child.


There are very few restrictions on naming your child. The laws will not affect either you or the child's father's parental rights based on the child's name.

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