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B2 visa extenion. Please help!

New York, NY |

My fiance has a 10 yr multiple entry b2 visa and would like to extend his stay in the us. His reason being that his cousin has asked him to be a part of her wedding and also because we will be recently married and it is much easier for me to travel from my home in canada to see him in new york than it is for me to travel from canada to his home which is the Dominican Republic. I would like to know how likely it is that they would give him an extension for these reasons.
The proof we plan on providing are:
1. receipt for PR in Canada papers. I thought this would be important because it shows that by him overstaying in the US he would have problems trying to get PR in Canada. 2. wedding invitation to his cousins wedding. 3. bank letter

note: he has never asked for an extension before.

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It's very likely that the extension will be approved. Make sure to include information showing how he is going to support himself here, plus the evidence showing the reason why he wants to stay longer. Hope this information was helpful.

Carlos Sandoval


It's also critical to include evidence of his intent to go back (property, back accounts abroad, etc).

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