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B1/B2 Visa Rules

Clifton, NJ |

I have B1/B2 Multiple entry visa for visit USA with validity 5 years. I am an disable guy and i am unable to work or cover me financially. an US Company wish to donate me some money for pass my life. so i wish to know can i recieved the money with this visa and deposite then in a US bank? i really do not want to transfer the money to my home country because my home country is not developed and banks are not reliable.

I wish to know is it legal for me to take the donation from the company in USA and deposite the money in my US bank?

Should i request to the company give me the money by bank tansfer or request to deposite money in cash? whenever i will need money i will visit USA and transfer some for my expanse in my home country. Please help. Thank you

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Taking a donation should not be a problem for your B visa

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While you have a 5 year visa, you are not permitted to remain in the USA for 5 years. Your I-94 states that date you must leave the USA. If you do not/have not left your visa is no longer valid.

You can receive a donation. However, the donation may raise some red flags as to whether you are working without authorization and you are in the USA as a visitor or you have an intection to remain. To make sure the donation is made through proper channels and your immigration status is protected I suggest you work with an experienced immigration attorney.


I agree with Ms. Mulder.