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B-2 VISA- Please suggest solution.

Raleigh, NC |

My parents went for B-2 Visitor visa in Nov 12 invited for my graduation. It was denied due to 214(b), all family members went for visa stamping on the same day (my parents, grand parents, in laws).
Now I am on OPT. My sibling is due for the Graduation, we both are staying here on F-1. Can I sponsor my parents for my sibling's graduation (sibling is on F-1 and doing C PT)? Is it better if my parents come here with self sponsorship. Both of our spouses are also working on H-1 b, they can also sponsor. What could be the better approach (as it was denied earlier)?

What are the strong Financial Ties and Family ties can be shown to overcome the presumption of Immigrant intent. We have farming land, Cattle (will sell milk to local dairy), aged parents who needs care.

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For more specific advice, please contact an immigration attorney. Most of us provide consultations via Skype. In general, landed prpoerty, job, bank accounts, other assets help in showing suffixient ties with your home country. I would suggest that you seek an immigration attorney to chalk out the best strategy.

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The better you are able to demonstrate that your parents will be coming for a specific purpose temporary in nature, have the ability to support themselves and ties to their home country, the more likely the application will be approved. However, even with a good application the US consulate has discretion to grant or deny. Once a denial has been issued it is even more difficult to obtain an approval. Ti crease the probability you may want to have just one parent come. An immigration attorney can help.

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