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Auto accident

Akron, OH |

I was in an auto accident and we both agreed not to call the police due to no damages and I receiveda letter a week later I am being charged with a hit and run is this legal?

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Regrettably, yes. Unfortunately, you have now learned to always report an accident. That said, it should be resolved with limited collateral damage in court. You need to consult with a local attorney who handles traffic matters. Good luck.


Well apparently you both did not have a complete meeting of the minds on the police call. Tough lesson, file a police report.

And get an attorney and you may be able to get this taken care of.

Legal disclaimer: I am not your attorney and we have no attorney/client relationship. This response is submitted for informational purposes only. This is not legal advice, nor is it intended to be taken as such. Anyone considering the above referenced situation should always consult an attorney within your jurisdiction before taking any action based on this, or any other information.


I would check with a local criminal defense attorney. I'm not admitted in OH (only in CA), but in CA, your obligation is to stop and exchange identification (and if the damage is over $500, to report it to DMV). Thus, to be in violation of the "hit and run" laws in CA, you have to have not stopped and/or not exchanged information. If you can prove that you did stop, did exchange ID info, you should be able to beat that charge. But, as I said, it's best to discuss this with a local attorney; the cost of that could be a lot less than the consequences of the charge.

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Yes. I urge everyone to call both the police and their insurance company whenever they are in an accident. Trying to resolve the matter without either is a recipe for disaster.

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