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Attorney's really don't want to take a case after a Pro Se has well started their case, is this across the board?

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I agree with attorney Myers, each case is different and each pro se defendant is different. I've seen some pro se defendants who are better prepared then attorneys.


It will depend on the case and situation you are in. Generally when someone first tries to do the work on their own, they miss some critical details that only an attorney would notice. That could destroy your chances of winning your case, even if you were totally wronged and deserved to be compensated. Some mistakes are impossible to come back from and change later, so Attorneys will be hesitant in some cases to take a case that someone else began pro se. I could be the best attorney in the world, and the case could be the best, most open and shut case in the world, but if a pro se party made too many mistakes before contacting an attorney, no amount of work that I do can help. If you can afford an attorney, it is a good idea to talk to one first.

I am only licensed in the State of Ohio, and my providing a response to your question or issue does not create an attorney-client relationship. I am not providing you with legal advice, either. If you would like me to do so, or would like to create an attorney-client relationship, you must contact me for a meeting and sign an attorney-client agreement. You should speak with an attorney who is licensed in your state to whom you have provided all the facts before you take any action or rely on any information given to you from someone else.



The only mistake, I made was requesting a motion to compel discovery to early a minor warning from the judge. I was told to follow rule 26. Defendants are now requesting a status conference, and have not answered the complaints yet.



An attorney has looked, at my complaint and said "it is well written."


Depends on the case, how much the pro se litigant messed things up, and what the pro se litigant is willing to pay the lawyer to fix things.

I heard from one attorney that his client--who was pro se at the beginning of the case--had a counterclaim filed against him for "blasphemy"--which isn't a valid cause of action--by the other pro se litigant. (The counterclaim/answer was also hand-written and "blasphemy" was spelled with an "f".) Non-lawyers often mess up, and by the time lawyers become involved, their clients' cases can be substantially ruined.

The criminal pro se litigants are the worst--especially once they start making party admissions and admit elements of the offense(s) for which they have been charged.

If you care about your case, it is prudent to hire a lawyer.

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