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Attorney violated an ethics code& did motion to withdrawl and I had to hire a new attorney to represent me.Now she's filed lien

New Orleans, LA |

My previous attorney was settling without my consent or knowledge. When confronted she did a motion to withdrawl,I hired new council. She's filed a baseless lien against me and I can;t refinance my home. She also inflated fees to be spiteful.

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Have you made payments for any services to either of these lawyers? What was the basis of the motion of your first counsel to withdraw, and was that motion granted? And, what is the asserted basis of the lien that your second counsel has filed against you?

And, finally, what is your question?



The first attorney agreed to settle with an amount lower than expected without my knowledge. The judge looked into our e-mails and found that I had never received the settlement letter. He said you have big problems,she said should I do a motion to wiithdrawl,he granted her motion to withdrawl. This was during deposistions and trial coming up that I was left hanging so I had to hire an hourly attorney. She filed a lien against my mortgage,I can't refinance. I live in Louisiana is their any way I can have it cancelled being she didn't finish the case?

Stephen Joseph Cipolla

Stephen Joseph Cipolla


I am not a Louisiana lawyer so I cannot give you any guidance on the lien. You need to discuss this with your current counsel.

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