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Attorney's legal assistant told me keep checking spouses emails while in divorce , how do I protect self discovered not ethical

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I told her I saw in emails disturbing things and reported, in beginning of seperation. I asked if should keep checking to see what else he was up to, she said, yes, and suggested I send them an email and give copy of his behaviors to them. I was told since I was given the passwords , and regularly accessed his having permission. my lawyer even acted and wrote a letter as result of one access to stop liquidation fo assets. I asked if it was ok to do this, they said yes. I haven't had access in a while and passwords were changed. I have new lawyer, and was told it wasn't a good idea.

What do I do now? I submited to court copies of the emails not knowing that it wasn't so ethical, as my first attorney's office encouraged it. I trusted that they assured it was ok.
How can I protect myself

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I think this may possibly be a duplicate thread. A similar question was just asked, and answered, here:

My advice is the same: carefully document all of your old lawyer's advice to you. If this advice was all verbal, it may be good to write to them saying something like "per your advice, I did this."

All Oregon attorneys carry malpractice liability insurance through the Oregon State Bar's Professional Liability Fund. If you suffer a financial consequence as a result of an attorney's malpractice, then you can make a claim to them for compensation, or they may be able to hire a new lawyer to fix the problem. Not all bad advice is necessarily malpractice, so not every mistake a lawyer makes will be covered. But if you have a new lawyer helping you, who you trust more than the old one, you can discuss this prospect with them.

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