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Attorney 's Motion to withdraw

Dallas, TX |

Hired attorney to represent me in FED case tied to a Probate case filed in the wrong county; On the FED, atty did next to nothing in court, I lost, got evicted; no appeal filed; atty filed Trespas/Try Title District court; case was DWOP for lack of service. Atty filed in the Probate court to reopen case filed in the wrong county. Court date was set; other party whined and complained about court date, which her atty had previously agreed to, so court allowed court date to be held until agreed upon date could be had. Have not heard from my attorney since I was evicted in Feb. He has not responded to repeated calls or certified letter; Today, Aug. 18, I look online and find that my attorney has filed a motion to withdraw on Probate case. I am so mad! Time limit at risk now. What to do now??

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If your attorney has withdrawn, you need to hire a new attorney to handle this issue. The new lawyer will have to look at the file, and can help you determine if anything wrong was done, and the appropriate action to take.


Your attorney did not give you prior notice that s/he was withdrawing? You can file a grievance with the State Bar about the attorneys behavior as they are supposed to give you notice and they are required to protect your rights and lawsuits.

In the meantime, you need to hire a lawyer so they can get up-to-speed and protect your rights.