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Attempted robbery

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You didn't shoot a gun, you just drove the car

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Still possibly liable. Individuals can be found guilty for their co-conspirators actions. Not much of a question so need more information.



Okay, the person was just driving the car. He is currently in jail right now. How much time do you think they'll get? Their next court date is in February. (Accessory)

Carlos John Rodriguez Salvado

Carlos John Rodriguez Salvado


The person needs an attorney immediately. Contact a local attorney in your area for a consultation. Each case is fact specific. Cannot even begin to guess without evaluation the case.


The driver in such a situation might not realize the deep criminal risk s/he might be in. Cops love getting confessions by saying: "I know you were just the getaway driver. Do you want me to tell the prosecutor you confirmed that?"

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Yes, a getaway driver can do time. And a lot of it, depending on the case.

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