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ATTACHING TAG NOT ASSIGNED - FLORIDA 320.261 facing criminal charges. I have no prior records what should I do.

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I purchased a car(Saturn) to a car dealership, we have two old cars (Camaro& Mazda)beside the new (Saturn). , and my wife and I wondered which tag to use/transfer to the new car. I took both tags (Camaro& Mazda)to the dealer we used one of them (Mazda) left the other at the dealer while they serviced the old car(Mazda). We droved the new car home with one of the old tags(transfer/Mazda).

The next day went to drop the new car because of minor issues, I had a work phone call and mistakenly I put the second unused(Camaro) car tag to the old car,because the dealer was busy instead of the dealer's tag. I was stopped by a Trooper due to the seat belt and then I realized that i have the Camaro's tag. I did not have the registration nor the insurances . All autos are actively registered and ins

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If you explain to the court that you had two tags at the time and that the dealer had not properly affixed the tag to the car and you can show proof of the existence of the tags, not much is going to happen. You might have to pay court costs.

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Just fix your tags and explain the situation to an attorney. I would hire an attorney, you may try to explain this to the judge and say something wrong or the judge may think you are full of it. Plus, traffic court moves very fast so if you get into a long-winded explanation you might confuse the judge, and then they think you are not believable.-even if you are telling the truth.


To be guilty of this charge the state has to be able to prove that you KNOWINGLY attached an unassigned tag. Based on your description of what happened - you have a defense to this charge. While it may only be a 2nd degree misdemeanor, you may want to hire an attorney & fight this to keep your clean record.

Karen J Tufte


Florida law requies that the state have proof that you attached the tag. Unless the trooper saw you attach the tag, they will have difficulty proving the charge. Combined with the proof that both cars were registered and insured, there is a very strong likelihood that the state will dismiss the charge at arraignment. If not, you should retain counsel and press the state to do so.

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I hesitate to tell you to go it alone ( without an attorney) id contact an attorney and have him attend your arraignment. Provide the attorney with all the proofs of registration, insurance and new car purchase in advance. Your attorney should be the one to contact the prosecutor beforehand and hopefully get it resolved. It always dangerous for anyone accused of an offense to speak on his own behalf....remember " he who represents himself,represents a fool". Good luck. For whatever it's worth I once put the wrong tag in by happens.

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