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Atlanta, GA Does my lawyer find out what my plea bargain is at the arraignment?

Atlanta, GA |

Hi, went to my 1st arraignment last week but my lawyer didn't say anything about my plea bargain to me, isn't he suppose to tell me if he found out? Charges were felony battery and he filed for motion that day. What am I supposed to do next? My lawyer really doesn't talk or tells me much, but we are going to trial. What am I suppose to do next? Just sit and wait? I do not feel comfortable this way. How do I know he is really doing his job? I paid really expensive for his service. My lawyer gets really grouchy if I ask him questions, what can I do or say to him without him getting grouchy? Now after the arraignment is over, after file for motion, what am I suppose to do next?

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First of all I have never heard of plea bargains being offered at arraignment. It is too early in the case for your lawyer to analyse the offer and recommend it to you or not. The plea offer usually comes much later sometimes only a short time before trial.

As far as your lawyer's grumpiness is concerned you need to remind him you paid for the service and if he can't be civil you want your money.

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